Sunday, February 10, 2013

Style Theme for February 10-17

Alright everyone, this weeks style theme is ......

Waiting for Spring

Aren't we all waiting? Express your excitement with a colorful outfit!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cute cute boots!

So, everyone has heard about the combat boot style, which was pretty big for a while, but I already think that fad is going bad...

That all rhymed....  MIND BLOWN!!!

Well, anyways, ever since combat boots came around, I've had my eyes on something else. The lace up fur snow boot. I think they are a lot more feminine than the combats. They are both very stylish but these are timeless, in my opinion.

These boots are exactly what I'm envisioning. They are from Sorel, but fall a bit on the more expensive side at $150.. But they could be worth it.

Here's a less expensive option. A Reneeze boot. Not as fabulous as the Sorel one, but still does the trick. And at only $23 this boot is looking awesome! 

Whatever boot you choose, just know you've made a good choice. Boots are absolutely essential for winter. I don't know why it's taken people so long to figure that one out, but take it from me now, and get yourself some, any, just get them... 

Strut on Lovelies!

Sorel boot:

Reneeze Boot: